The Sauna Interviews With Nica Episode 12 | Chris Heist


FHell yeah man… At the bank the security guard comes over and stands next to me.” Chirs

“Every step you take your clothes could just fall right off of you.” Nica

Chris Heist is an anti-authoritarian stand-up comic based in Los Angeles. His material is unashamedly critical of human society and its perpetual failings. No authority is above his flailing, ineffectual ridicule. He’s basically just a very opinionated jerk that makes fun of all the horrible things in this world that people usually prefer not to address, often in ways that leave good people quite upset.He’s been on some podcasts, including Kill Tony a few times. His 5 stand-up albums are available to download for free at He has no television or film credits, but is really hoping to eventually get on the inevitable reboot of the movie Trancers.He’s touring the southwestern United States this summer. Dates tba on the site soon.

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