The Sauna Interviews With Nica Episode 11 | Nthenya Ndunda


“Oh my God, my wig!” Nthenya
“I have to stop sexually exploiting men.” Nica

Nthenya from Kenya! Nthenya was born in Kenya and spent the first half of her life in Vancouver, BC and moved to Charleston, SC when she was 10 years-old. That’s when she realized she was black ya’ll! Heeeyyy!!!  Always an avid reader and academic, nthenya excelled in Academics and Studied Biochemistry at the University of Miami. #daU. She enjoys people watching, wine drinking and being petty.  Nthenya host the Binch Comedy Show, and is a regular at the Comedy Store in the Belly Room!  You may have seen her on Shameless or Loosely Exactly Nicole, or in your DM’s 😉

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